In Western Australia, there are only 78 potato growers.

But did you know that WA still gets fresh potatoes year-round!

The potato industry is the second-highest value vegetable crop per year at $54 million.

WA has 4 main potato growing regions:

  1. Busselton/Marybrook
  2. Northern Region (Dandaragan, Lancelin, Gingin, and Baldivis)
  3. Manjimup/Pemberton
  4. Myalup

Despite the year-round production of potatoes, the number of potatoes that are actually processed (into crisps and french fries) in WA is far less.

The majority of potatoes grown in WA (that are made into crisps and fries) are actually sent over east to be processed into crisps and fries and then sent back to us!

WA used to process two main products: French fries and potato crisps.

In the past 30 years, some major processing operations have closed, including the closure of Smith’s crisps. Due to this closure, WA no longer produces potato crisps.

However, WA Chip, owned by the Bendotti family in Manjimup, is still operational and produces frozen French fries. WA chip currently processes 10000 tonnes of potatoes a year.

Bendotti Exporters is a WA run family business that manufactures French fries out of WA potatoes. These potatoes are grown by the Bendotti family, along with contracted growers.

Don’t be a couch potato! Support WA grown and processed potatoes today!



Bendotti Exporters

The Department of Agriculture and Food Plan to Support Horticulture Industry Development 2009-2012