Western Australia produces some of the world’s highest quality fresh food.
Ready to eat foods and ingredients in other products alike, Western Australian farmers are world class.
Our grains, meat, honey, and milk are all recognised for being both safe and clean.

Welcome to Food You Can Trust. We are dedicated to the transparency of facts of how we farm in Western Australia. Our passion is to pass on the knowledge of our farmers, who do an outstanding job, to our non-farming friends and neighbours.

Food You Can Trust is an initiative from WAFarmers.

By watching, reading and learning about how we farm in Western Australia, we hope to bring our food to life, and bring people together, including our customers and producers in all our farming industries.

This is how we FARM to FEED THE WORLD.


Learn About How We Farm

Knowledge, and therefore Education is an important foundation for building trust. Food You Can Trust caters for everyone ranging from kids to consumers; from grassroots knowledge to technical competency.

Whether you’re preparing a lesson, a research paper or a shopping list, you’ll find useful ideas. We do that through a range of tools including primary student learning aids, information from the source and expert guides.  The type of information you’ll find include products grown and the regions they’re grown in; farmyard activities and when they’re completed; and where you can buy locally grown and packed products.

We also learn about the OCCUPATIONS that are part of the AGRICULTURAL sectors.

Info for Teachers & Students

Find Our Food

Buying locally produced and packaged products is just plain awesome for Western Australia.

We get fresher food, our farmers have easier sales, and we are even doing our bit to reduce the carbon footprint of food. To cater for this growing demand, we have introduced the WAFarmersFirst brand of milk and eggs. We are looking to expand this range in the near future.

Check out our STORE LOCATOR to make sure your local supermarket stock these ranges.

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News You Can Trust

Get your News directly from the source.

We are building an extensive library of news and informative articles, designed to share knowledge across our community. We include many perspectives across different stakeholders and wider community. That said we are unashamedly biased towards Western Australian agriculture, because we believe Western Australian agriculture to be the best.

Best quality, best practice, best characters.

Food You Can Trust value differing methods, diversity of opinion and hearty debates. Farming continues to push the bounds of technology (and did long before NBN was promised), and balance new ideas with the experience of generations.

Virtual sheep counting hot seat with food producer Jessie Davis!

February 24th, 2021|Experience, Livestock, News, The Farming Life|

In her first video for 2021, Food You Can Trust Ambassador Jessie Davis puts you in the hot seat to count the sheep as they pass through the [...]

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