The purpose of Food You Can Trust is to establish a focus on the value of farming in Western Australia and its contribution to the nation and the world.

In our support of all types of farming in Western Australia, we will present a transparent account of the farming practices used in this state.

This is Food You Can Trust!

We present facts and information about real farm, real farmers and real food that comes from Western Australia. We give you an appreciation for the challenges farmers face and also their ability to overcome these challenges in meeting the needs of the global food chain.

The more you know about Western Australian farming, the better you will be able to trust and support our farmers, including where to buy their amazing products.

Food You Can Trust Material is Suitable for Everybody

Our Vision

Food You Can Trust aims to:

  • Illustrate the human side of farming.
  • Explain current farming practices in a transparent manner.
  • Show farming as agribusiness and not just agriculture.
  • Communicate farming as an integral part of everyday society.
  • Demonstrate the innovative and problem-solving capacity of farming.
Food You Can Trust Material is Suitable for Everybody

Guiding Principles

  • Develop consistent, credible, trustworthy Western Australian industry voices to calmly and rationally speak up for farming industries in Western Australia.
  • Distinguish the differences in how food is produced under modern, complex, large scale, efficient, free ranging and sustainable systems in Western Australia, with the purpose of balancing public perceptions built on images of more intensive northern hemisphere systems.
  • Address national media and advertising content that promotes out-dated, negative images of farming which portrays an ‘industry in decline’.
  • Distinguish the world class sustainability that is attainable.
  • Promote the differences and advances in WA’s modern and efficient WA broadacre and livestock systems of scale, combining technology and innovation to rapidly adopt, continually adapt and improve productivity, largely driven by tertiary educated young professionals.
  • Forecast impacts of major practice change on Western Australian supply chains, businesses, communities and the state economy.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate farming best practices in the face of adverse commentary.
Food You Can Trust Material is Suitable for Everybody

Rules Of Play

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