Wheat is the major grain that is produced in WA which contributes $2-3 billion to the state’s economy. WA generates approximately 50% of Australia’s total wheat production which is mainly exported to Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

The national wheat exports account for 3% of Australia’s total export revenue. Although Australia is a relatively small producer of wheat, it accounts for 15-18% of the world’s total export making it a major participant in the export market.

Despite WA producing the majority of Australia’s wheat, approximately 90% of the wheat produced in WA is exported. WA produces white-grained varieties that generate a bright white flour with a high flour milling yield. In addition to this, there are only a few large scale flour milling companies in WA: Allied Mills (Dingo Flour), Millers foods (Byford Flour Mill), MAURIanz, and Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm.

Please reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your food miles! Support the WA wheat industry by purchasing wheat produced, manufactured, and processed in WA!