Jessie Davis talks the challenges of farming

In today's video, Food You Can Trust Brand Ambassador Jessie Davis talks about the recent wind damage to her crop. Western Australia broadacre farming operates under a Mediterranean climate. There is no irrigated farming unlike other states such as Queensland, NSW and Victoria. WA’s Grain Growers are regarded as the best Dryland farmers in the world, often dry-seeding well before the season breaks. Thankfully, Jessie Davis got a concentrated period of rain on Wednesday. A good 20 millimeters! Wind damage is something you can't avoid in farming.   You'll get to see first hand the devastating effects this can have on the plants and how Jessie will help mother nature repair the damage. So sit back and relax while you watch and learn from Jessie!  

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Food You Can Trust announces Brand Ambassador

Food You Can Trust is thrilled to announce Fairview Farm's Jessie Davis as its 2020 Brand Ambassador. A mixed cropping farmer from Narembeen (286km due east of Perth), Jessie has a strong focus on social license to operate for primary industry. In her own words: "It is important for consumers to continue to trust farmers and for farmers to maintain and improve their social license to operate. We need the community to buy Western Australian grown products as a first preference." We welcome Jessie to Food You Can Trust and look forward to her teaching us about where WA food comes from (and finding our inner zen).

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Time to Double Up On the Bakers Brainstrust

    Agriculture and the Economy This year the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) will spend around $200m on its various programs supporting food science within the grain industry, with $130m coming from grower levies and $70m from the federal government’s contribution. This funding bucket is topped up by the various state governments including Western Australia which added an additional $20m to partner in a range of programs including $5m/pa supporting the technical service side of grain marketing. As written for the Farm Weekly. Current Research Activities While farmers no doubt support the vast majority of the industry funding pool being spent on production agronomy, the reality is without a focus on grain quality and end user service all we can compete on in the market, when it comes to selling our grain, is price. While there [...]

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