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Broccoli actually contains more vitamin C than oranges ?

I know right? ??? So yeah, broccoli is a brassica. That's the family of vegetable it belongs to, which also includes cabbage, cauliflower and kale. Western Australia grows A LOT OF brassicas. Broccoli contains antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C. Its thought to prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and reduce allergic reactions and inflammation. But wait, there's more! Broccoli also contains high levels of vitamin K and calcium which are important for bone health. Its also high in fibre which aids in digestion, prevents constipation, and maintains low blood sugar. So yeah, I guess you could say its good for you! If you haven't already... do yourself a favour and give broccoli a try today! Source: Sinha S. 7 health benefits of broccoli. The Times of India. 2014.

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Cooking with Paola: Kids In The Kitchen

At Food You Can Trust, we are all about encouraging all members of the family to cook at home from locally sourced produce. That is why we have started our own cooking show called "Cooking with Paola: Kids In The Kitchen". In this web series, we will explore how to make tasty dishes at home from local produce that everyone can follow. In today's debut episode, we look at how to make a beef stew with a french twist. Enjoyed our dish? Have other feedback? We'd love to hear from you here at Food You Can Trust.

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Why Connection Matters In Farming

Agriculture and the Economy Are you really getting what you paid for? Its an increasing trend in food of all kinds at the moment. The whole thing about traceability of food, where it comes from. Are you really getting what you paid for or is it what it claims to be? There are have been many high-profile scandals locally and worldwide where food has been sold as one thing, but is actually something else. The 2013 European horsemeat sold as beef scandal is a prime example of this. Food technologist, which are people employed by food producers to meet quality assurance standards (especially when supplying into major retailers), have had to carry out assessments on how producers guard against this event, which is called food fraud. While safety is the paramount in the mind of every consumer in the world, in Australia we are lucky [...]

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