We received a question in our DM’s about brix testing.

So, just what is brix testing?

According to bionutrient.org, “Brix is a scale based on the amount that light bends when it passes through a liquid.

Thus, if one were to place one’s hand in a pond and measure the amount it appeared to bend, and then place it in the ocean, it would appear to bend a different amount.

That differential light bending is the best tool currently available to consumers to determine the value of crops that are purchased or produced.

The brix chart is the scale that anyone can use to determine poor, average, good or excellent in a foodstuff.

So how does Brix relate to quality?

Centuries of wine making and work with other fruits and vegetables always show direct relations between high Brix and high quality, expressed most simply and directly as superior taste.

So what does this mean for me?

Higher the brix, the better the taste!

Food You Can Trust really loves strawberries!

One of our favourites is Heavenly Strawberries.

In their own words:
“Heavenly strawberries are carefully selected from Albion variety plants, brix tested for high sugar levels then hand packed for you to enjoy. Available from July to November.”

If you are looking for the watermark of quality, then check out the brix testing results for your favourite WA produce today!