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Aaron is a consultant specialising in the agricultural industry, including food security, provenance and sustainability. He is also focused on connecting consumers with food producers to improve viability of industry.

Food You Can Trust announces Brand Ambassador

Food You Can Trust is thrilled to announce Fairview Farm's Jessie Davis as its 2020 Brand Ambassador. A mixed cropping farmer from Narembeen (286km due east of Perth), Jessie has a strong focus on social license to operate for primary industry. In her own words: "It is important for consumers to continue to trust farmers and for farmers to maintain and improve their social license to operate. We need the community to buy Western Australian grown products as a first preference." We welcome Jessie to Food You Can Trust and look forward to her teaching us about where WA food comes from (and finding our inner zen).

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Did you know?

That a diet inclusive of red meat allows you to readily absorb zinc, iron and protein which are important for healthy cell function, a supported immune system, growth, wound healing and aid fertility. Ain't no mistake! We also get about 30% of our dietary intake of zinc from red meat and meat products... Who doesn't love a roast? BUT DID YOU KNOW that just like fatty fish, research has led to omega lamb which is rich in long chain omega 3 fatty acids and could help combat heart disease and obesity. And they... are Facts You Can Trust! Many thanks to our wonderful friend of Food You Can Trust for sharing her knowledge: Insta: @__kitchenThyme__ Twitter: @jmw_wallace

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Are We Really Food Secure?

Agriculture and the Economy We are living through a very different time. A time where only a handful of people globally can recollect an event similar. In Australia, the bushfires earlier in the year and now the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the public’s concept of normal life across many subjects. Especially in activities that we all normally take for granted like going to a shop or a supermarket to restock. For many people this is the first time they have experienced empty shelves. The first time we've really been forced to fear a lack of food security. Not Such An Uncommon Occurrence Toilet paper is one item that everyone has noticed has been in short supply, but also long shelf life food items such as pasta and pasta sauce.  We have also experienced shortages of eggs, milk, rice and [...]

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Why Connection Matters In Farming

Agriculture and the Economy Are you really getting what you paid for? Its an increasing trend in food of all kinds at the moment. The whole thing about traceability of food, where it comes from. Are you really getting what you paid for or is it what it claims to be? There are have been many high-profile scandals locally and worldwide where food has been sold as one thing, but is actually something else. The 2013 European horsemeat sold as beef scandal is a prime example of this. Food technologist, which are people employed by food producers to meet quality assurance standards (especially when supplying into major retailers), have had to carry out assessments on how producers guard against this event, which is called food fraud. While safety is the paramount in the mind of every consumer in the world, in Australia we are lucky [...]

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